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What is Bird’s Eye View ADAS Application and How to Develop This Using Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC FPGA?
Bird’s eye view definition, HW/SW setup and implementation algorithms

Will the world be a better place in which to live by having autonomous cars driving around us? Or would it be unsafe and scary? Maybe someone was asking such a question even when the first steam-powered automobile capable...

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HW/SW Co-Simulation for SoC FPGA designs
Aldec’s Co-Simulation Solution using QEMU and Riviera-PRO

Heterogeneous System on Chip (SoC) devices like the Xilinx Zynq 7000 and Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC combine a high-performance processing system (PS) with state-of-the-art programmable logic (PL)....

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The Power of PCIe in Performance-based FPGA World
Understanding High speed serial data transfer

In today's world, when the entire computing industry is talking about high-performance and high-speed applications using FPGAs, just what are the factors that can assure such performance and speed?...

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FPGA vs GPU for Machine Learning Applications: Which one is better?
Can FPGAs beat GPUs?

FPGAs or GPUs, that is the question.   Since the popularity of using machine learning algorithms to extract and process the information from raw data, it has been a race between FPGA and GPU vendors to offer...

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Aldec and NEC reveal HLS shortcut at upcoming SoC Conference
Breaking through the growing design verification maze

The University of California, Irvine (UCI) is popular for many things, but I recall during my school days that it was distinctly known among students for its underground tunnel network....

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SCE-MI for SoC Verification
Transaction-level Interface Delivers Performance

Today’s System-on-Chip verification teams are moving up in the levels of abstraction to increase the degree of coverage in the system design. As designs grow larger,...

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The WHAT is mandatory but the HOW is entirely optional
Intro to High Level Synthesis

You look confused. Perhaps I owe you an explanation. Anyone familiar with hardware design flow knows that it starts with specification and ends with implementation. The specification in this flow is the “What” – it defines what needs to be designed....

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The Magic of CyberWorkBench
Why you should take a closer look

My first encounter with NEC’s CyberWorkBench (CWB) was in 2003 while attending DAC. Like most people, I was surprised to see a big Japanese company offering EDA tools....

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ASIC/FPGA High Level Synthesis Solution from NEC
CyberWorkBench joins Aldec’s Verification Ecosystem

Aldec (tried to) quietly introduce our new friends from NEC Japan for the first time at DAC this year. They joined us in our booth in Austin and were soon the life of the party as many people were eager to learn...

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Time-Saving, Hardware-assisted Verification
For ASIC/SoC Designs

Identifying effective processes for functional verification of ASIC and SoC designs is of increased significance for engineers due to growing design complexity and integration of embedded components such as CPUs, GPUs, and software device drivers. Overall test time for these systems can include millions...

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