High Performance Computing

Advancements in FPGA silicon, tool flows and IPs have proven FPGAs to be the ideal solution for accelerating complex computational applications for solving science, engineering and business problems.  The inherent reprogrammability of FPGAs, deep pipelining structures and massive parallel compute resources favor the ever-evolving technology of High Performance Computing (HPC) algorithms and applications in areas including Cryptography, Big Data and Financial Analytics. 


Central to Aldec’s HPC solutions is the company’s 30+ years expertise in FPGA/ASIC technology, hardware programming languages and verification methodologies.  Aldec’s HPC turnkey solutions include FPGA-Based Accelerators and RTL Porting Services both required for accelerating and deploying HPC algorithms with scalable FPGA-based hardware. 


Aldec pioneered FPGA-based acceleration of synthesizable RTL code written in VHDL and Verilog hardware description languages. Over the years we have developed the state-of-the-art FPGA boards containing high speed PCI Express interface that enables connection with a host workstation or server to enable simulation acceleration, co-emulation, and now HPC.  Aldec’s FPGA-Based Accelerator for HPC features Xilinx®Ultrascale™ and Zynq™7000 devices, PCIe and multiple DDR4 and RLD3 memories.

 Aldec HPC Solutions


For years Aldec provided the tools for FPGA design and verification, and so gained the deep knowledge of FPGA design process, tool chains and industry standards. Our mission is to share this experience with you in your track to deploy the most power efficient HPC solution available today. Unlike other vendors that provide bare hardware we will support your migration process to FPGA with reusable modules, tools and advisory services for the first time success.

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