FPGA Design

Today’s FPGA design teams require innovative solutions that foster team productivity and enable rapid deployment at every stage of design development - from Design Entry to Place and Route. Aldec offers the industry’s Read more
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FPGA Vendors Support
Simulation and Debugging
Project Management
Graphical/Text Design Entry
Documentation HTML/PDF

Functional Verification

Aldec’s functional verification platform is an integrated portfolio of tools that drive productivity and innovation by enabling industry-leading technologies for design entry, mixed-language HDL simulation, mixed-signal simulation, DSP co-simulation Read more
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Metric Driven Verification
Universal Verification Methodology (UVM)
Open Source VHDL Verification Methodology (OSVVM)
Universal VHDL Verification Methodology (UVVM)
Static Linting
CDC and RDC Verification
Co-Simulation with QEMU and Riviera-PRO

Hardware Emulation Solutions

HES-DVM™ is a hybrid verification and validation ecosystem for hardware and software teams developing the latest SoC and ASIC designs. Partnering the latest high-capacity FPGA technology with industry leading co-emulation standards, HES-DVM allows for multiple modes of verification and validation Read more
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SoC Co-emulation
UVM Simulation Acceleration
Scalability of Acceleration
Verification IP
SoC Partitioning
Emulation Debugging

Hardware Prototyping

Prototyping is an important step in design verification. It assists in identifying problems with the design that were not detected during simulation. Increases design quality and reduces cost over runs. Read more
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Scalable HES™ Prototyping Platform
HES Proto-AXI Interconnect
Multi-FPGA Design Partitioning
ARM Cortex Support
RTAX/RTSX Prototyping

High Performance Computing

Advancements in FPGA silicon, tool flows and IPs have proven FPGAs to be the ideal solution for accelerating complex computational applications for solving science, engineering and business problems. The inherent reprogrammability of FPGAs, Read more
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Computer Vision
Encryption & Security
Genome Alignment
High Frequency Trading
Large Scale HPC
Embedded HPC

FPGA Embedded Solutions

Embedded systems have been around us for years in our cars, homes, cities, factories, etc. They are both in professional tools as in personal and entertainment devices. For a long time embedded systems were... Read more
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Deep Learning Using Zynq US+ FPGA
FPGA-based NVMe Data Storage
Internet of Things (IoT)
Automotive ADAS
Aldec 4K UltraHD Imaging Solutions
Python and PYNQ
COVID-19 Detection

DO-254 Compliance

RTCA/DO-254 is a means of compliance for the development of airborne electronic hardware containing FPGAs, PLDs and ASICs. FPGA design and verification under DO-254 guidelines is a rigorous undertaking, and Read more
Related Applications
HDL Coding Standards
Tool Assessment and Qualification Process
FPGA Level In-Target Testing
HDL Detailed Design and Verification
DO-254 Templates and Checklists

Specialized Applications

Sometimes general-purpose tools and methodologies are not enough – designers need something that addresses very specific needs in their design. It can be an interface enabling/enhancing data exchange between different tools Read more
Related Applications
Regression Manager
DSP and RF Co-Simulation

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