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Advanced Verification, HW/SW Emulation, and more

Mariusz Grabowski, FPGA Design and Verification Engineer
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This year’s Design Automation Conference (DAC) will be held in Austin, Texas.  If we survive the 70% humidity, our team looks forward to meeting you at Booth #2225 from June 3-5. Aldec HQ is located in Nevada just outside of Las Vegas… so we’re accustomed to more of a dry heat.


We invite you to register at to attend a technical sessions led by Aldec’s top engineers from all over the world. I can’t stress enough how important it is to pre-register since these sessions do fill up quickly. You’ll also get a free t-shirt when you attend one of our sessions - we’ve designed some pretty cool ones to give away this year.


Aldec has also teamed up with Agilent to deliver a DAC Insight Presentation on Wireless Algorithm Validation Wednesday, June 5, 2013 from 2:00-4:00pm. Learn more.


Advanced Verification, HW/SW Emulation, CDC Analysis, Requirements Traceability, OS-VVM, DSP Design…  we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of all of our technical sessions, and complete abstracts and registration are also available at


Session 01: Prototyping Over 100 Million ASIC Gates Capacity

As today's SoC and ASIC designs evolve to integrate the latest embedded processors, media interfaces, and high-speed serial communication, FPGA prototyping platforms are struggling to maintain the pace of designs surpassing the 100 million ASIC gate count. With the evolution of modular […]


Session 02: Hybrid SoC Verification and Validation Platform for Hardware and Software Teams

Hardware and Software teams both play a key role in developing the latest SoC and ASIC designs. Early access to hardware allows both teams to work concurrently with one another, increasing overall throughput and enabling hw/sw co-design and co-verification. Utilizing the latest in FPGA […]


Session 03: Requirements Traceability for Safety-Critical FPGA/ASIC Designs

Requirements are the basis of the development process for safety-critical FPGA and ASIC designs. Safety-critical industry standards such as DO-254 for avionics, IEC 61508/61511 for industrial and ISO 26262 for automotive enforce a requirements-based design and verification process to ensure that […]


Session 04: Comprehensive CDC Analysis for Glitch free Design        

Multiple design verification techniques have to be deployed to identify the clock domain crossing (CDC) issues. In this presentation we will discuss how ALINT™ explores the design topology to identify clock domain crossings and then verifies the presence of the commonly-used design patterns on the […]


Session 05: Accelerate DSP Design Development: Tailored Flows
Learn how to achieve better Digital Signal Processing (DSP) design productivity using Aldec’s integrated design flows, enabled by a number of unique technologies, features, and industry partnerships available within Aldec Riviera-PRO™ design and verification platform. You will learn […]


Session 06: UVM/SystemVerilog: Verification and Debugging
Aldec provides the latest support for UVM 1.1d, enabling creation of reusable, robust testbenches and interoperable Verification IPs. We will demonstrate Riviera-PRO's support of the latest UVM library along with the graphical debugging features that help designers find and resolve issues more efficiently.  […]


Session 07: VHDL 2008 and Beyond: OS-VVM Continues to Grow

Open Source VHDL Verification Methodology (OS-VVM) shows signs of growing popularity: industry acceptance, increased number of users in the community, new trainings and practical implementations are now all available from multiple vendors. Learn how the OS-VVM intelligent testbench concept […]


Session 08:  Ask Aldec: Demos, Roadmaps, Partners, Q&A, etc.


Session 09: CyberWorkBench: C-based High Level Synthesis and Verification

CyberWorkbench is a C-based integrated environment developed by NEC over the period of twenty years. C-based design flow allows designers to achieve higher design efficiency, low area and high performance for ASIC and FPGA chips. This “All-in-C” product includes all the tools […]


Sign up for your own personal Aldec Q&A Session at DAC. Choose one of our product Road Maps to preview. Learn more about our UNITE Partner Program. It’s up to you. We look forward to answering your questions one on one at DAC.


Complete Abstracts and Registration available at

Mariusz Grabowski is an FPGA Design and Verification Engineer at Aldec. He works in the field of verification for DO-254 compliance as well as developing digital processing systems. He is proficient in digital design and verification, using hardware description languages such as Verilog/SystemVerilog and VHDL, and the use of verification methodologies such as UVM.

Mariusz is a student at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland. He also gains practical experience in the AVADER Scientific Group (where he designs novel vision systems on FPGAs) and in the Integra Scientific Group (where he acquires knowledge about microprocessor systems and electronics).

  • Products:
  • Active-HDL
  • FPGAデザイン・シミュレーション,
  • Riviera-PRO
  • アドバンスベリフィケーション,
  • ハードウェア・アシステッド・ベリフィケーション,
  • DO-254/CTS
  • FPGAテスト・システム


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