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"Browser.dat could not be opened" error during Active-HDL installation    Active-HDL FAQ
#ELBREAD: Warning: Module 'module_name' does not have a `timescale directive, but previous modules do.    Riviera-PRO FAQ
[BDE] Error loading the file, error in .cpp file    Active-HDL FAQ
“Active-HDL not installed” message when running library installer    Active-HDL FAQ
ACOM: Error: COMP96_0153: Formal "name" of class variable must be associated with a variable    Riviera-PRO FAQ
ACOM: Error: ELAB1_0021: filename.vhd: Types do not match for port "port_name"    Riviera-PRO FAQ
Active-HDL Does not Start after System Clock Time Change    Active-HDL FAQ
Active-HDL HDL Editor shortcut assignment    Active-HDL FAQ
Active-HDL Lattice Edition    Active-HDL FAQ
Active-HDL License Error: Cannot read data from license server system     Active-HDL FAQ
Active-HDL Upgrade    Active-HDL FAQ
Add BDE/ASF generated code to Source Revision Control    Active-HDL FAQ
Add file for simulation without manually adding the file to design.    Active-HDL FAQ
Adding to Memory Viewer from Structures Window    Active-HDL FAQ
Ambiguous Subprogram    Active-HDL FAQ
Analog Waveform Display    Active-HDL FAQ
Are there any short circuit protection or voltage supervisor circuitry?    HES-7 FAQ
ASDB Server Error    Active-HDL FAQ
Assigning Pin Numbers in Block Diagram Editor    Active-HDL FAQ
BDE format change: This file was created in a version later than 9.2.2499.4581.01 and it cannot be read in version 9.2.2499.4581.01    Active-HDL FAQ
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