Active-HDL Lattice Edition

What is Active-HDL Lattice Edition?

Active-HDL Lattice Edition is a custom OEM version of Aldec’s industry leading mixed language HDL simulation product developed specifically for Lattice Semiconductor. The OEM version of Active-HDL is included as part of the Lattice ispLEVER and Lattice Diamond tool suite. Active-HDL Lattice Edition is a performance limited mixed language simulator that supports VHDL, Verilog, and SystemVerilog(Design). This feature rich OEM version also includes project management, advanced text editor, and debug and analysis tools.

Is Active-HDL Lattice Edition the same as Active-HDL PE and Active-HDL EE?

No. Active-HDL Lattice Edition is a custom OEM version, and it includes only the base features of Active-HDL PE and Active-HDL EE. Optional features from Active-HDL PE and Active-HDL EE are not supported in Active-HDL Lattice Edition, but Aldec does provide an upgrade path for customers seeking additional functionality. Please contact for more details.

Who Do I contact if I have problems with my Active-HDL Lattice Edition?

Technical support for Active-HDL Lattice Edition will be provided by Lattice Semiconductor. For any questions or issues related with Active-HDL Lattice Edition, please contact Lattice Semiconductor technical support directly.

Will Active-HDL Lattice Edition work with the version of Active-HDL I download from Aldec’s website?

The Active-HDL Lattice Edition license is distributed and controlled by Lattice Semiconductor. Active-HDL Lattice Edition is part of the Lattice ispLEVER or Lattice Diamond installation and it requires Lattice software to be installed in order for it to work properly.

All commercial versions of Active-HDL downloaded from the Aldec website are installed separately and work independent of Lattice software.

NOTE: A valid license is required from Aldec in order to use the commercial versions, please contact to explore the full potential of Active-HDL by requesting a commercial license.

Both Active-HDL Lattice Edition and commercial editions from Aldec can co-exist assuming you have both versions installed and valid licenses for both editions.

How do I upgrade my Active-HDL Lattice Edition?

Contact Aldec or an authorized Aldec distributor to obtain pricing and available upgrade options.

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