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Does HES-DVM provide a scripting interface?    HES-DVM FAQ
Does HES-DVM support Xilinx ChipScope PRO Debugging Tool?    HES-DVM FAQ
HES-DVMにはプロトタイピング用のツールが含まれていますか?     HES-DVM, HES-EDU FAQ
HES-DVMは、FPGA ハードマクロをサポートしていますか?    HES-DVM FAQ
HES-DVMはどの合成ツールをサポートしていますか?    HES-DVM, HES-EDU FAQ
HESがサポートする言語は何ですか?    HES-DVM FAQ
How do I change the Verilog timescale for the HES-DVM generated wrapper file?    HES-DVM, HES-EDU FAQ
How do I download the bit files compiles from HES-DVM in HES-proto mode?    HES-DVM FAQ
How do you build a job queue for running emulation using HES-DVM? Can I submit the emulation jobs without the manual control? Please advise how to build multi-user environment for HES emulation.     HES-DVM, HES-EDU FAQ
How does HES-DVM handle gated clocks in my design?    HES-DVM FAQ
How does HES-DVM handle simulation memory models?    HES-DVM FAQ
I have EDIF net lists in my design, how do I use these files in HES-DVM    HES-DVM, HES-EDU FAQ
In HES-DVM, is it possible to select any of the probes in RTL signal name in the HW debugger? Or is it necessary to link Riviera-PRO or Verdi server to have full visibility of RTL signal for the selection of probes?    HES-DVM FAQ
In the HES-DVM generated SystemC wrapper, there are some interface signals which are not in the list of I/O signals of DUT, what is the purpose of these signals?    HES-DVM FAQ
Is it possible to change how much of the FPGA is utilized during the partitioning process of my design in HES-DVM?    HES-DVM, HES-EDU FAQ
Is it possible to run parallel tasks during implementation stage of HES-DVM to speed up implementation time?    HES-DVM, HES-EDU FAQ
What is group synthesis? What is incremental synthesis? How are both used in HES-DVM?    HES-DVM FAQ
What is the hardware capacity supported by HES?    HES-DVM, HES-EDU FAQ
What platforms are supported by HES?    HES-DVM, HES-EDU FAQ
What type of ARM processor does HES support?     HES-DVM, HES-EDU FAQ
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