Using CVS Source Revision Control with Active-HDL


Active-HDL provide built-in CVS interface that allows direct interfacing with CVS source revision control system from within Active-HDL IDE.

Software Installation Prerequisite

It is recommended to install the following software the proper operation of the CVS interface.

Setting up CVS Source Control Interface in Active-HDL

  1. Open Active-HDL and click Menu | Tools | Preferences | Source Control | Setup and choose the CVS option as shown below.

  2. Click the Initialize Provider button and then the Advanced button and set the "CVS executable file" option to C:\Program Files\CVSNT\cvs.exe as shown below.

  3. Click OK when done.

    Note. For further clarification please follow the instructions in Active-HDL's documentation, i.e. Chapter: Configuring and Registering SCC Interface in Active-HDL from Active-HDL's Online Documentation accessible from under Help menu.

  4. Click the Register Provider button and select the CVS option as shown below.

  5. Click OK when done.

Adding an Active-HDL Design to CVS

  1. Open any design, select it on Design Browser, right-click on the design and select Source Control | Add design to Source Control as shown below.

  2. Click Add Design to Source Control when done.

  3. Click OK when done.

Importing Active-HDL project from CVS

  1. Choose: Menu | File | Open Workspace/Design Explorer and within Workspace/Design Explorer choose: Menu | File | Open Design from Source Control as shown below.

  2. Click OK when done.

Updating CVS repository

  1. Recommended preferences for updating: Select Check in Files when closing the design option within Menu | Tools | Preferences | Source Control as shown below. Hence the appropriate source file will be automatically checked-out when edited and checked-in when Active-HDL is closed.

  2. Click OK when done.

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