fpga boards, fpga board, fpga development board

HES7BPX4 Backplane Board

fpga boards, fpga board, fpga development board

HES7BPX4 is a backplane board used to build scalable hardware platforms for emulation and prototyping based on HES-US or HES-7 FPGA main boards. The largest configuration can supply up to 633 Million ASIC gates. The backplane is build of non-proprietary BPX connectors matching ones used on HES main boards to provide passive cross board I/O interconnections. Careful design of clock distribution tree assures flexibility and configurability from a host PC. There is a special backplane controller implemented in Spartan-6 FPGAs, that integrates JTAG chains and debug buses from all main boards and provides a common programming port to all FPGA logic modules in the system.


Main Board

FPGA Technology


ASIC Gates

4x HES-US-2640

Virtex UltraScale XCVU440


633 Million

4x HES-US-1320

Virtex UltraScale XCVU440


316 Million

4x HES7XV12000BP

Virtex-7 2000T


288 Million

4x HES7XV4000BP

Virtex-7 2000T


96 Million

fpga boards, fpga board, fpga development boardBLOCK DIAGRAM

HES7BPX4 Backplane Board


  • Symmetrical interconnections between boards in headers A-D
    • High speed (25 Gbps) connectors: MOLEX 76150 series
    • 2016 I/O (1008 DIFF) - standard GPIO optimized for LVDS & TDM
    • 94 GTX/GTH - high speed serial I/O


  • Reconfigurable clock network based on crosspoint switches
    • Dynamic routing of 4 clock lines from any to any main board
    • LVDS clocks, high level of signals integrity and immunity to distractions
    • Crosspoint switch: DS10CP154ATSQ
  • 4 dedicated clocks for GTX/GTH
    • 3 oscillators: 100 MHz, 125 MHz, 250 MHz
    • 1 external SMB connector
    • routed through crosspoint switch and fanout buffers
  • Global reference clock routed to programming controllers on all main boards and backplane

Configuration & Hosting

  • 2 Spartan-6 FPGA used for board control, diagnostics and clocks configuration
  • Centralized FPGA programming in backplane configurations

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