Interoperability of Project Tasks

Between Riviera-PRO and ALINT

Dmitry Melnik, Product Manager Software Division
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The Tasks window in Riviera-PRO and ALINT can be used to manage tasks that need to be completed in the design. Tasks can be anything that a user would like to address later in the project. In a team-based environment where multiple engineers are working with different aspects of the same design , it is difficult to coordinate tasks among different engineers. This becomes even more difficult when a team is working on one tool to create the design, and a team lead is using another tool to do the code review and design rule checking. For step-by-step details see related App Note, Interoperability of Project tasks between Riviera-PRO and ALINT.

Dmitry Melnik is a product manager at Aldec responsible for ALINT™ and Riviera-PRO™ product lines. He has over 8 years of digital design and verification experience, including previous roles in corporate and field applications, technical marketing, and software development with R&D divisions of Aldec in Europe. Dmitry holds an M.S. in Computer Systems from Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Ukraine.

  • Products:
  • Active-HDL
  • FPGAデザイン・シミュレーション,
  • Riviera-PRO
  • Advanced Verification


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