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#ELBREAD: Warning: Module 'module_name' does not have a `timescale directive, but previous modules do.    Riviera-PRO FAQ
ACOM: Error: COMP96_0153: Formal "name" of class variable must be associated with a variable    Riviera-PRO FAQ
ACOM: Error: ELAB1_0021: filename.vhd: Types do not match for port "port_name"    Riviera-PRO FAQ
Compiling altera_primitives.v (Quartus 11.1) in Riviera-PRO and Active-HDL    Active-HDL, Riviera-PRO FAQ
Components of XilinxCoreLib Library Are Missing after Migration to Xilinx Vivado    Active-HDL, Riviera-PRO FAQ
Does Riviera-PRO create core dump file?    Riviera-PRO FAQ
ELBREAD: Error: You do not have a valid license to run a Verilog simulation    Riviera-PRO FAQ
ELBREAD: Error: You do not have a valid license to run VHDL simulation    Riviera-PRO FAQ
ERROR VCP2000 "Syntax error. Unexpected token: library[_IDENTIFIER]. Expected tokens: 'function' , 'task' , 'timeprecision' , 'timeunit' , 'const' ... ."    Riviera-PRO FAQ
Error while loading shared libraries: libtyphoon.so:cannot restore segment prot after reloc:Permission denied    Riviera-PRO FAQ
Error: ALOG: Cannot add data to library    Riviera-PRO FAQ
Error: COMP96_0115: Actual is not a globally static expression    Riviera-PRO FAQ
Error: Design unit not found in searched libraries:     Riviera-PRO FAQ
Error: E8017 : Internal application error - please contact Aldec support - support@aldec.com    Riviera-PRO FAQ
Error: VCP2505 : Duplicate identifier:     Riviera-PRO FAQ
Error: VCP2562 : Redeclaration of port     Riviera-PRO FAQ
Error: VCP6251 Error in SLP repository: Unknown repository object type    Riviera-PRO FAQ
Fatal Error: ELAB2_0056 Port '' not found    Riviera-PRO FAQ
Fatal Error: filename.sv: Bind: unresolved hierarchical reference to object "object name"    Riviera-PRO FAQ
Floating License Installation on Linux/Unix    Active-HDL, Riviera-PRO, ALINT FAQ
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