Is there a way for Active-HDL waveform editor to read from an input file directly?


Yes, you can use Force command to assign from a text file a value or sequence of values to the specified item. The value or sequence of values can be non-periodical, periodical, or random.

force [-cancel <time_step> | @<time>] [-noreg] [-freeze | -drive | -deposit] [-rec | -recursive] [-repeat | -r <period>] <item_name> <value> [<time>] {[<value> <time>,...]}

You can also assign a pattern coming from an external standard waveform (*.awf), simulation database (*.asdb), VCD file (*.vcd), MATLAB MAT-File (*.mat), or user-defined text file.

force [-noreg] [-freeze | -drive | -deposit] [-rec | -recursive] <item_name> <counter_stimulus> | <custom_stimulus> | <MAT- file_stimulus> | <text_stimulus>

If you want to assign to the signal values distributed according to the standard probabilistic functions, you should use the third type of the command syntax.

force [-noreg] [-freeze | -drive | -deposit] [-rec | -recursive] [-repeat | -r <period>] <item_name> -dist <uniform | normal | exponential | poisson | chi_square | t | erlang | random> [-seed <value>][-mean <value>] [-start <value>] [-end <value>] [-standard_deviation <value>] [-degree_of_freedom <value>] [-k_stage <value>]

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