Using Stimulators with the Accelerated Waveform Viewer in Active-HDL


Active-HDL allows modifying a value of signals and nets in the command line, as well as provide a graphical interface for defining and applying stimulators to design objects. A stimulator is a user-defined virtual source of stimulus attached to a signal or net. The value forced by the stimulator is either constant or changes in time in the way specified by the stimulator type and its optional parameters.

Active-HDL provides a graphical interface for defining and applying stimulators to signals displayed in the Accelerated Waveform Viewer. The interface is available as the Stimulators dialog box (please refer to the User Guide under Dialog Box Reference | Stimulators Dialog Box for more information).

Methodology of defining stimulators

  1. Start Active-HDL

  2. Compile your design and initialize simulation

    NOTE: It is important to set the proper access to design objects depending on the requirements. For detailed information, please refer to the User Guide in the Help menu under Dialog Box Reference | Design Settings Dialog Box.

  3. Open an empty waveform window by going to File | New | Waveform.

  4. Select the top unit and drag it to the waveform window.

  5. Open the Stimulators dialog box by using the Stimulators option available in the right-click menu of the waveform window.

  6. Choose the appropriate type of stimulator supported by Active-HDL. Define the properties, and select the proper strength.

  7. When you define all of the necessary stimulators, run simulation by typing the run –all command in the Console window. The simulation results will be presented on waveform.

  8. To finish the simulation session, choose End Simulation from the Simulation menu or type the endsim command in the Console window.

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