Managing your Waveforms through the Command Line

Opening New Waveform Window:

view wave -title ONE

If the window with such name already exists, the second invocation of this command will cause an error.

If you need to call this command or macro file with this command more then one time, use Tcl command catch:

catch {
   view wave -title ONE

Adding Signals to a Specific Waveform Window

wave -window ONE /testbench/*

Alternatively you may activate a waveform window by its title name. All subsequent wave commands will direct signals to that waveform window.

#try activating window wf1 
if { [catch { framework.window.activate -window wf1 } ]} {
	  #if catch returns 1, the window wf1 does not exist, 
	  #so let's open a new one
	  view wave -title wf1
#the commands below will be directed to wf1
wave /frequency_meter_tb/UUT/U1/*
wave /frequency_meter_tb/UUT/U2/*

if { [catch { framework.window.activate -window wf2 } ]} {
	  #if catch returns 1, the window wf2 does not exist, 
	  #so let's open a new one
	  view wave -title wf2
#the commands below will be directed to wf2
wave /frequency_meter_tb/UUT/U3/*
wave /frequency_meter_tb/UUT/U4/*

Checking if you have any Waveform Windows Open

if {[wv.views.count] > 0} {
puts "Waveform Windows Exist";
} else {
puts "No Waveforms Detected";

Closing Waveform Windows

Closing a specific waveform window:

framework.window.close -window ONE

Closing all opened waveform windows:


The above command will close all opened documents. Currently there is no command that will close only all of the waveform windows.

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