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TySOM-2-7Z045 Reference Design Part 1: Creating Hardware    
Delivers Reference Design Functional Overview, and outlines First Steps, External Dependencies, Processing System Configuration, Programmable Logic Fabric Customization, Implementation Flow, etc.
TySOM-2-7Z100, TySOM™ EDK Tutorials
TySOM-2-7Z045 Reference Design Part 2: Embedded Linux Setup Guide   
Describes how to prepare a microSD card to use as a boot medium for running embedded Linux on a TySOM board, the two main options to set the root file system for an embedded Linux operating system, U-Boot as a second stage boot loader for an embedded Linux OS, etc.
TySOM-2-7Z100, TySOM-2-7Z100, TySOM™ EDK Tutorials
TySOM Design Flow: Creating and Co-debugging a Linux Application using Xilinx SDK and Vivado Logic Analyzer   
Hardware and software parts of embedded design can be successfully debugged separately using modern EDA tools. But when it takes to run both sides together, new system-level issues may appear. This tutorial shows how to use Xilinx SDK to create Linux userspace application and efficiently co-debug it with Vivado Logic Analyzer
Riviera-PRO, TySOM™ EDK Tutorials
TySOM Design Flow: Verifying custom Vivado IP with Riviera-PRO™ and ALINT-PRO™    
The growing complexity of modern SoC designs along with the complexity of separate reusable IP cores requires SoC engineers to be familiar with the functional verification tools and approaches. This tutorial presents a step-by-step guide to involve Aldec Riviera-PROTM and ALINT-PROTM tools for the TySOM embedded development flow needs.
Riviera-PRO, ALINT-PRO, TySOM™ EDK Tutorials
TySOM Educational Development Kit   
TySOM™ Educational Kit is designed for the university courses related to the embedded system design, digital system design and hardware design. The kit includes Riviera-PRO™ Advanced Verification Platform and a TySOM embedded development board It also comes with a selection of rich tutorials and reference designs from basic to advanced level to help professors and students start their projects using this kit.
TySOM™ EDK Tutorials
TySOM Embedded Linux Setup Guide    
This document describes how to prepare a microSD card to use as a boot medium for running embedded Linux on a TySOM board. The preferable model of microSD card is 16 GB class 10 card. It provides enough disk space and read/write access performance needed to run Desktop Linux based on Ubuntu 12.11 Linaro image. It is assumed that the user is running a Linux based OS host workstation and is familiar with basic command line commands and tools.
TySOM Boards, TySOM™ EDK Tutorials
TySOM IoT Gateway with Amazon Cloud Tutorial - TySOM-1-7Z030    
Internet of Things applications require fast, encrypted, and safe internet communication channels to send data and communicate with other devices. The best solution for this purpose is the cloud. This document describes all necessary steps to use Amazon Cloud in IoT applications with TySOM as an IoT gateway.
TySOM-1-7Z030, TySOM™ EDK Tutorials
TySOM Main Design Flow   
When developing on the TySOM platform, there is much to consider. Hardware design, software development, and embedded Linux development are all crucial parts of the TySOM design flow.
TySOM™ EDK Tutorials
TySOM XC7Z030 SoC EVB Vivado Embedded Design Development Guide   
Basic Vivado design is intended to provide common board functionality by enabling UART and SDIO peripherals to run embedded Linux in it's minimal possible configuration. In this case, SDIO core is used to support microSD cards as Linux boot source and UART as main system console. Standard Vivado flow includes several stages to create hardware platform for the Zynq-7000 based board. All the reviewed projects in the current document use current basic platform for the further system expansion so the main stages will be covered only once. These stages will be reviewed in the order they appear. Actual used Xilinx Vivado tool version is 2014.2
TySOM™ EDK Tutorials
Verilog Performance Optimization   
Learn how to achieve ultimate Verilog simulation performance in Riviera-PRO
Riviera-PRO Tutorials
VHDL Performance Optimization   
Learn how to achieve ultimate VHDL simulation performance in Riviera-PRO
Riviera-PRO Tutorials
Waveform Viewer   
Learn how to use Waveform Viewer in Riviera-PRO
Riviera-PRO Tutorials
Web Server Tutorial - TySOM-1-7Z030    
Internet of Things (IoT) gateways utilize various sensors and actuators as well as communication interfaces to collect and transmit data. Some applications require a method to present data to users and store them in memory. One of the simplest ways to accomplish this goal is to use LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) servers. This document will describe the process of installing and configuring LAMP web servers using the Aldec TySOM-1-7Z030.
TySOM-1-7Z030, TySOM™ EDK Tutorials
Wireless Sensor Tutorial - TySOM-1-7Z030    
The TySOM IoT Gateways have a wide range of use, some gateways can provide web server capability, and some can be connected to sensors and actuators. Wireless interfaces are often used when connecting sensors and actuators to a gateway. The main goal of this document is to describe how one can use wireless interfaces such as Bluetooth and Z-wave to communicate with sensors.
TySOM-1-7Z030, TySOM™ EDK Tutorials
Learn how to use X-trace in Riviera-PRO
Riviera-PRO Tutorials
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