Node-locked License Installation on Windows

Currently, Aldec provides customers with two types of licenses: node-locked and floating. To determine the type of license that you have, please do the following:

  1. Open the license.dat file provided to you by Aldec

  2. Look at the line that is located second from the top

    • If the line says License Type: Nodelocked, then you have a node-locked license

    • If the line says License Type: Floating, then you have a floating license

This document describes how to install a Node-locked license. If you have a Floating license, please refer to Floating License Installation on Windows

To install the license, you will need to:

  1. Download and install the license dongle driver

    If your license is issued for a USB FLEXid keylock (the license file contains a reference to "flexid=10" in the server line), installing the drivers may be necessary. See for details.

  2. Plug the dongle into a USB port

  3. Save the license.dat file provided by Aldec

  4. Set up the ALDEC_LICENSE_FILE environment variable

    If the ALDEC_LICENSE_FILE does not already exist:

    1. Go to the start menu

    2. Right-click on Computer and select Properties

    3. Click on Advanced system settings

    4. Click on Environment Variables

    5. Under System variables, click on New...

      NOTE: Users can also create a User Variable. However, the User Variable applies to a single user only, whereas the System Variable applies to all users.

    6. In the Variable name: field, enter ALDEC_LICENSE_FILE

    7. In the Variable value: field, enter the path to the license.dat file, retaining the name and extension

    8. Click OK to create the variable, and OK again to exit out of the Environment Variables window

    9. Launch the tool

    If the ALDEC_LICENSE_FILE already exists:

    1. Select the variable and click Edit

    2. Add the path to the license.dat file at the end of the existing value, separated with a semicolon. Be sure to retain the license.dat file name and extension at the end of the path.

      NOTE: For users updating their license files, be sure to change the path of the old license file to the updated license.dat file.

    3. Launch the tool

Merging two license files

To merge two license files, please do the following:

  1. Append the content of one license file to another

  2. Save the file

If you receive a License Error:

The following table consists of a few examples of license errors.

Error Code




Cannot find license file

Check if the ALDEC_LICENSE_FILE variable is pointing to a valid license.dat file.


No such feature exists

  1. Check if your license contract is under valid maintenance

  2. Do not access the application via Remote Desktop. Only floating licenses support this feature.


Invalid host

  1. If your license is tied to a USB dongle, check if it is plugged in to the computer; or

  2. Install a USB driver; or

  3. If your license is tied to a MAC address, make sure the hostID in your license file matches one of the Ethernet addresses


Feature has expired

Your license file has expired, and you will need to contact for further assistance

If you are receiving any other license error, please contact technical support.

Note: Please be sure to include your platform and OS

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