Watch Window


What is a watch window? How do I use it?


During the simulation, you can highlight multiple signals from the bottom window of Structures tab, right click and choose Add to Watch. The Watch window is a debugging tool designed to display values of selected objects (signals, variables, nets, registers, etc.) in the simulated model.

The window is divided into several columns:

  • Event

    The column has no title and is displayed as the leftmost. If an event has occurred on a signal in the current simulation cycle, it is symbolized by a red exclamation mark (!).

  • Name

    The identifier of the object.

  • Value

    The current value of the object. For files, the column shows the open kind information (read_mode, write_mode, append_mode) and the file name with the full path.

  • Type

    For VHDL, the type of the object. For Verilog, reg or the type of the net.

  • Last Value

    The previous value of the object, that is, the value of the object before the last event. This column is used only for signals (including ports).

  • Last Event Time

    The time of the last event. This column is used only for signals (including ports).

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