It’s Here! ALINT-PRO-CDC™ for CDC Verification

Aldec’s new solution for complex multi-clock designs

Pavel Leshtaiev, Product Manager Software Division
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I am happy to announce, that today Aldec has released ALINT-PRO-CDC™ 2015.01. This solution enables verification of clock domain crossings and handling of metastability issues in complex, modern multi-clock designs.

Conventional verification flows cannot detect metastability issues during RTL simulation due to non-deterministic nature of the issues, thus requiring testing in the real hardware to reveal them. To enable early detection of these issues, ALINT-PRO-CDC offers a comprehensive verification strategy. To learn more, I invite you to view Aldec’s recent Press Release, Aldec launches ALINT-PRO-CDC™ delivering comprehensive CDC Verification Strategies for SoC and FPGA Designs.


ALINT-PRO-CDC™ Highlights

ALINT-PRO-CDC is a CDC verification solution that uncovers critical problems during the RTL Design and Functional Verification stages, significantly reducing time to market. Top features include clock domain crossing validation, synchronizer’s structure verification, clock and reset networks analysis, schematic Viewer, and more.

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Pavel is a Product Manager at Aldec for DRC and CDC solutions. He received his MS in Special-Purpose Computer Systems from the Chernihiv State University of Technology, Ukraine. Pavel has been directly with ALINT™ and ALINT-PRO-CDC™ since 2009, with experience in roles such as SQA Engineer, SQA Team Leader, Applications Engineer, Project Manager and Product Manager. He has deep practical experience in design verification techniques and best practices, particularly in the field of FPGA design.


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