RTAX/RTSX Netlist Converter


EDIF Netlist Converter Software

An optional RTAX/RTSX EDIF Netlist Converter software product is available and performs automatic conversion of the RTAX/RTSX EDIF netlist to ProASIC3E EDIF netlist. It replaces primitives and memories taking into the consideration differences between RTAX-S/SL and ProASIC3E architectures.

This RTAX2A3P converter also performs automatic conversion of the PDC constraint files.
The RTAX EDIF Netlist Converter compliments the hardware adaptor by allowing for a "seamless" move of RTAX designs to a reprogrammable prototyping platform.

Top features:

  • Automatic conversion of RTAX-S/SL EDIF netlist to a ProASIC3E netlist
  • Replacement of the primitives
  • Consideration of the limitations/differences between RTAX-S/SL anti-fuse and ProASIC3/E flash-based technologies
  • A pin remapping utility that allows automatic Physical Design Constraint (PDC) file conversion and global nets support

NOTE: The optional netlist converter is designed to be utilized only with the RTAX/SX prototyping hardware.

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