In Memory of Jerry Kaczynski

(1964 - 2013)

Dr. Stanley M. Hyduke, Aldec Founder/CEO
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It is with great sadness that we must share news of the passing of a dear friend and a brilliant man, Aldec Research Engineer, Jerry Kaczynski. Jerry is survived by his parents. He was born in Poland on April 15, 1964.

Jerry’s breadth of knowledge ran deep. He possessed over 20 years of experience in language and tool training, technical writing, and research engineering. Jerry held Bachelor and Master Degrees in Electronics from Warsaw University of Technology, Poland.

He served his role as Aldec's Research Engineer with deep conviction, sharing his knowledge and research in the form of a vast treasure trove of papers and trainings. He was an IEEE and Accellera committee member, and a staunch advocate for engineers through his involvement in the development of industry standards for VHDL, Verilog, PSL, SystemC & SystemVerilog.

The unexpected loss of Jerry has left our team with broken hearts. As friends, it is hard to accept that we will never hear his hearty laugh echo in our office halls again. As colleagues, we can’t help but note that his passing has left a tremendous void in the EDA industry.

Born in Poland, Dr. Hyduke received his Master of Science in Telecommunications Degree in 1962 from Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland and obtained his Doctorate from Kharkov Technical University in Ukraine. Dr. Hyduke held positions at EDO Commercial Corporation, Control Data and Oki Data Corporation before launching the Automated Logic Design Company (Aldec) in 1984. Dr. Hyduke, together with Aldec Research and Development team members, currently holds eight patents in electronic design technology.



Jerry was an amazing friend and human being. I will miss his laugh, quirky random facts, silly youtube videos, wine/tea debates, and most of all, his sarcastic humor about the simple things in life. My heart is heavy at his passing, but it lifts each day as I fondly reminisce on all of the memories I have of him. Jerry, thank you so much for being there for me. Thank you for attending my wedding. Thank you for sending me silly videos and articles to make me feel better when insignificant things brought me down. Thank you for the early birthday gift, I will treasure it forever. Thank you, for being you. I raise my glass of moscato to you and will hopefully see you again when my time comes. Aloha Jerry.
Anabell S. over 10 years
Jerry would always tell me "good night and sweet dreams" when he would hear me yawn early in the morning in the office.

Good night to you Jerry and sweet dreams!
Louie D. over 10 years
Jerry's untimely passing is a reminder that we should treasure every moment, only drink good tea, listen to holiday music all season long, and that we will all live on in the knowledge that we have shared with others. Jerry not only had a thirst for knowing he had a passion for sharing what he'd learned in a way that others could understand. When Jerry started a sentence, "Basically speaking.." you needed to listen - because he was about to break it down. Goodbye Jerry, you are missed more than you know.
Christina T. over 10 years
I did not know Jerry that well but had the pleasure of his company at work long enough to appreciate a what a genuinely happy man he was. Jerry loved the simple things and embraced them everyday as he went about his routine. In every encounter with Jerry he was upbeat, optimistic and full of funny observations about life. RIP Jerry.
Kent B. over 10 years
Jerry was a brilliant engineer and a great person. I had the pleasure of working with him for over 11 years and traveling the country with him. He taught me about the culture in Poland and all international foods. Jerry always knew where to find the best restaurant in any city that we traveled to. Hi sense of humor was top notch and his unique laugh was quite entertaining. He was well known and respected in our industry. His unexpected passing was a huge blow to our company. Life at Aldec will never be the same without him. Rest In Peace, Jerry
Robert G. over 10 years
Since we are working with ALDEC Jerry was always there to help us when his profound knowledge was needed. He had the rare talent to explain complicated things with simple words. His readiness to help others and his passion to share his knowledge made it always a pleasure working with him or reading his papers. Thank you and goodbye Jerry, we will not forget you.
Michael G. over 10 years
You were always smiling, full of ideas and funny stories. Already we miss you ... Rest in peace.
Michal P. over 10 years
Jerry was brilliant, but he never put that between himself and a good laugh, a wine recommendation (always esoteric, of course). He was one of the best webinar instructors that I have come across. He created and delivered some of the most informative webinars, which I had the honor to moderate. We are going to miss Jerry in so many ways. Jerry, the great human being, is going to be the toughest to be without.
Mo C. over 10 years
What a joy to have worked with such an intelligent, warm and caring man who possessed a wonderful sense of humor. Jerry would always brighten my day with his smile and happiness in sharing some exotic tea or fruit, or just showing me his latest high tech gadget purchases. I will always think of him as being in San Diego as that was his favorite place to be! His hard work and dedication to our company is greatly appreciated. Jerry was loved by all of us here at Aldec and will be truly missed.
Jerry, God's blessings and Rest in Peace.
Linda T.
Linda T. over 10 years
I'm all deeply shocked to hear of the sudden death of Jerry-san, and I would like to offer our deepest sympathy.
Takehide K. over 10 years
Very sad to hear. I really enjoyed my encounters with Jerry. A really great guy.
David C B. over 10 years
News about Jerry was a total shock to me. I heard him talk once at an Aldec show and then we did a webinar together. But that was enough to put an image of him that was different from the rest of the EDA folks.

I found him to be very honest and more focused on technology than on selling stuff. He truly cared about people. In the brief time I interacted with him, he gave me several tips on the use of technology.

Thanks Jerry. God bless. Condolences to the family.
Anupam B. over 10 years
Shocked to learn. Jerry - we all miss you! Your soul RIP.

My prayers are for your family and your loved ones.

Ashok K.
Ashok K. over 8 years
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