HES-7™ 7-Series FPGA Programming

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Bill Jason P. Tomas, Product Engineer, Hardware Division
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The 7-Series FPGA devices on Aldec's ASIC prototyping platform can be programmed using two different methods: using a standard Xilinx Platform Cable with Xilinx's impact programming tool or using a USB interface with Aldec's hes7proto application. This video provides step-by-step instruction on how to perform both methods, along with a description of the cables and necessary material needed to program the 7-Series FPGAs.

YouTube Video: HES-7™ 7-Series FPGA Programming

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Bill is responsible for Aldec Hardware Emulation and SoC / ASIC Prototyping. He received his B.S. in Computer Engineering from Auburn University in Alabama in 2011, and currently undertaking his M.S in Electrical Engineering with a focus on hardware emulation methodology and Built-In-Self-Test for high capacity FPGAs. He is also currently a graduate research assistant for the University of Nevada Systems and Integration laboratory studying Network-on-Chip BIST strategies. 

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