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Title: Quick Introduction to SCE-MI

Description: Adhering to standards is key for reusability. The same applies for emulation infrastructure. Standard Co-Emulation Modeling Interface (SCE-MI) is Accellera's standard for bridging two realms: untimed (HVL, testbench on host) and timed (HDL, design in emulator). SCE-MI offers the flexibility to choose an emulation platform and become vendor independent, critical today when advanced FPGA technology allows for building fast and large capacity emulators at a fraction of the cost. Aldec’s Hardware Emulation Solutions include support for SCE-MI macro and function based interfaces. HES-DVM™ compiles and links SCE-MI infrastructure and automates design setup for custom FPGA prototyping boards. Building a robust verification environment is another challenge that Aldec supports with a library of Verification IPs that include transactors and speed adapters. Aldec provides reliable and reusable SCE-MI Verification IP blocks for standard interfaces like USB, PCIe, Ethernet.

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