Auto-Complete and Code Templates

Category : Design Entry and Design Management

The HDL Editor allows using code autocomplete for all the languages supported by Riviera-PRO. The following items can be predicted:

  • All commands including Riviera-PRO commands
  • Code templates predefined in the Code Templates tool
  • Command arguments for Riviera-PRO commands
  • File names in those commands that accept file name arguments
  • Hierarchical paths in those commands that accept names of design objects or design regions as arguments
  • Names of library units in those commands that use design unit names as arguments (e.g. adel, adir, asim)

The Code Templates is a tool that provides you with a variety of predefined templates. The tool is integrated into the autocomplete feature of the HDL Editor, but it can be also opened as a separate window. The templates can be freely customized and supplemented with user-defined constructs.

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