SystemVerilog IEEE DPI w/Wizard

Category : Simulation/Verification

The DPI-C wizard allows you to enter the names of DPI-C tasks and functions, their arguments (name, type, mode, and, optionally, the default value and range). It returns DPI-C function values. Based on the user-defined information, the wizard then generates SystemVerilog and C code. The generated SystemVerilog code contains import "DPI-C" statements required for importing DPI-C tasks and functions to SystemVerilog. The C code contains empty definitions of C functions with the defined arguments. All required storage-class attributes are added automatically. The types of arguments and any return values are correctly mapped between C and SystemVerilog.

The wizard also creates a macro for compiling generated C files into a shared object or a dynamic-link library. (The library must be passed to the simulator at the initialization stage using the -sv_lib argument for the asim command.)

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