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Category : Co-Simulation Interfaces

The Simulink Interface simplifies verification of hardware designs by providing robust visualization and analysis toolsets. It allows co-simulation of mathematical and hardware components of system-level design, and gives flexibility of successive replacement of mathematical models describing the system with their target HDL equivalents. You can co-simulate functional blocks described by using mathematical formulas and VHDL entities, Verilog modules, and EDIF cells that are used as black-boxes during the verification process performed within the Simulink environment. The Simulink Interface offers the following benefits:

  • Intuitive interface that fills the gap between HDL simulation and high level mathematical modeling environment for DSP systems.
  • Displaying simulation results in both the Simulink environment and the Active-HDL Standard or Accelerated Waveform Viewer.
  • Automatic value conversion between Active-HDL and Simulink.
  • Advanced testbenches employing complex mathematical formulas used to stimulate unit under test (UUT).
  • Integration with Synplicity Synplify DSP™ 6. Integration with Xilinx System Generator™
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