FPGA Design

Today’s FPGA design teams require innovative solutions that foster team productivity and enable rapid deployment at every stage of design development - from Design Entry to Place and Route. Aldec offers the industry’s Read more
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FPGA Vendors Support
Simulation and Debugging
Project Management
Graphical/Text Design Entry
Documentation HTML/PDF

Functional Verification

Aldec’s functional verification platform is an integrated portfolio of tools that drive productivity and innovation by enabling industry-leading technologies for design entry, mixed-language HDL simulation, mixed-signal simulation, DSP co-simulation Read more
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Assertions/Functional Coverage
UVM Transaction Debugging
Code Coverage
Linting/Design Analysis

SoC Validation Ecosystem

Together, Aldec’s SoC Validation Solutions make up a High Level Synthesis, Verification and Validation ecosystem for hardware and software teams developing the latest SoC and ASIC designs. Read more
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Hardware Emulation Solutions

Aldec Hardware Emulation Solutions is a hybrid verification and validation ecosystem for hardware and software teams developing the latest SoC and ASIC designs. Partnering the latest high-capacity FPGA technology with Read more
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Mirror-Box Technology
HVD Technology
Embedded Memory Support


Prototyping is an important step in design verification. It assists in identifying problems with the design that were not detected during simulation. Increases design quality and reduces cost over runs. Read more
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SoC and ASIC Prototyping
RTAX/RTSX Netlist Converter
Microsemi™ (Actel) Prototyping

Requirements Management

With the growing complexity and size of today’s FPGA and ASIC designs, requirements have also grown exponentially, and methodologies to effectively manage and track requirements have never been more crucial to Read more
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DO-254 Requirements Traceability
Team-Based Methodology
Test Results Management
Change Impact Analysis

DO-254 Compliance

RTCA/DO-254 and EUROCAE/ED-80 are means of compliance for the development of airborne electronic hardware containing FPGAs, PLDs and ASICs. FPGA design and verification under DO-254 guidelines is a rigorous undertaking Read more
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HDL Coding Standards
Tool Assessment and Qualification Process
FPGA Level In-Target Testing
HDL Detailed Design and Verification

Specialized Applications

Sometimes general-purpose tools and methodologies are not enough – designers need something that addresses very specific needs in their design. It can be an interface enabling/enhancing data exchange between different tools Read more
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Regression Manager
DSP and RF Co-Simulation