DO-254 Compliance

DO-254 Compliance

RTCA/DO-254 and EUROCAE/ED-80 are means of compliance for the development of airborne electronic hardware containing FPGAs, PLDs and ASICs.  FPGA design and verification under DO-254 guidelines is a rigorous undertaking, and requires special features and capabilities from design, simulation and hardware verification tools.
Aldec offers industry-proven set of features and solutions for DO-254 compliance which have been implemented and deployed by several major avionics companies, accepted by DO-254 DERs, and proven to decrease FPGA design and verification cycle from months to weeks.

  • Requirements Management and Traceability
  • Target device at-speed testing with testbench reuse
  • HDL graphical design entry and RTL simulation
  • Code Coverage for Elemental Analysis
  • OVA/PSL and SVA Assertion support
  • VHDL 2008 support
  • HDL Design Rule Checking
  • IP Core validation in the target device
  • Tool Qualification documentation package
  • Modularized DO-254 Training Courses presented by an FAA DER