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Active-HDL_Training_Workbook_170x120'FPGA Design and Verification – Using Active-HDL’ Training Material

Contents: Workshop Notebook  (401 pp.) and Lab Book (121 pp.)

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The Active-HDL Workbook and Lab are an integral part of Aldec’s tool training program. This training material is designed with the objective to increase a user’s productivity. The style of this training material is a blend of traditional classroom teaching with a hands-on lab covering real-world design situation. This concept-to-project training material is aimed for current and future users of Active-HDL and covers a wide variety of topics from design entry (graphical and text), HDL simulation and debugging.

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Workshop Notebook:
  • Project Management Preview
  • Design Entry – HDL Code Preview
  • Design Entry – BDE Preview
  • Design Entry – FSM Preview
  • Running Simulation
  • Waveform Viewer
  • HDL Debugging
  • Creating Testbenches
  • Code Coverage
  • HDL Design Rule Checking
  • Documentation
Lab Book:
  • Lab 1 – Getting Started Preview
  • Lab 2 – Block Diagram Entry Preview
  • Lab 3 – FSM Editor Preview
  • Lab 4 – Compilation and Simulation Preview
  • Lab 5 - Debug
  • Lab 6 – Testbench Generation
  • Lab 7 – Code Coverage
  • Lab 8 – Toggle Coverage
  • Lab 9 – ALINT Design Rule Checking

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