Aldec Customer Use Cases


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The User:

A digital imaging solution provider requiring:

  • High speed verification solution
  • Big transfers of data required – image processing application. Of most importance was Baud Rate from Hardware to Software and from Software to Hardware.
  • AHB-based design


How Aldec Delivered:

  • Initially, the user preferred AHB SCE-MI Xtors as their projects used AHB bus. However, after learning of Aldec AXI Xtors, they chose AXI SCE-MI Xtors for their speed
  • DVM with SCE-MI setup and runtime interface
  • AXI Master and Slave SCE-MI Macro Based Xtors with 1024 data bus to support highest transmission data rate (achieved results higher than user’s requirements)
  • HES5XLX660EX board to perform emulation



- The Final Result -

The user decided on AXI SCE-MI transactors which use the AHB bus and AHB2AXI bridge to connect with AXI Xtors (for a faster interface). The user is now considering using AXI bus and AXI SCE-MI Transactors in future  projects as well.

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