What is the DO-254 guidance regarding requirements traceability?


Requirements traceability as defined in the RTCA/DO-254 document is quoted as follows:

RTCA/DO-254 page 66 10.4.1. Traceability Data Hardware traceability establishes a correlation between the requirements, detailed design, implementation and verification data that facilitates configuration control, modification and verification of the hardware item. Hardware traceability data should include:

  1. A correlation between the system requirements allocated to hardware and the requirements.

  2. A correlation between the requirements and the hardware detailed design data.

  3. A correlation between the hardware detailed design data and the as-built hardware item or assembly.

  4. A correlation between the requirements, including derived hardware requirements, and detailed design data and the verification procedures and results.

  5. The results of a traceability analysis.

In other words, this means that the applicant must do the following:

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