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HES™ FPGA Boards

HES™ is a SoC/ASIC pre-silicon prototyping solution for hardware verification and software validation teams and the High Performance Computing (HPC) platform for algorithms acceleration. The boards are based on largest Virtex-7 and Virtex UltraScale FPGA and appear in single or multi-FPGA configurations and can be interconnected on a backplane board providing up to 663 Million ASIC gates....

TySOM Boards

TySOM is a family of development boards for embedded applications that features Xilinx® Zynq™ all programmable module combining FPGA with ARM® Cortex processor. Plethora of included peripherals makes these boards useful in various embedded applications like Automotive, IoT, Industrial automation or embedded HPC....

Daughter Cards

Daughter cards provide extensions to HES or TySOM boards providing additional devices and peripherals not included in these boards. Due to using non-proprietary connectors like FMC or BPX the daughter cards can be reused across different hardware platforms....

RTAX and RTSX Prototyping

アルデックとMicrosemiは共同で、Microsemi RTAX-S/SL, RTAX-DSP, RTSX-SUを搭載する宇宙飛行システム設計用に、革新的な再プログラマブル・プロトタイピング・ソリューションを提供致しています。...
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