Aldec Customer Use Cases

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The User:

Xelic, an OTN IP Core and Subsystem provider, required:

  • SystemVerilog-based simulation capability with:

- UVM support
- Coverage driven constrained random methodology   support
- Functional Coverage
- Code Coverage
- Assertions
- GUI interface for debug

  • Reasonable simulation performance
  • Vendor library support (mainly FPGA)
  • Mixed-language support for legacy VHDL/Verilog environments as well as VHDL-only (design and verification)
  • A practical licensing price point to support development (mini regressions, GUI, and batch jogs)  along with production release to include full multi-seeded batch regressions and coverage


How Aldec Delivered:

  • Mixed language support VHDL/Verilog
  • Pure VHDL support
  • SV/UVM support

- Constrained Randomization
- Functional Coverage
- Code Coverage
- Assertions

  • Vendor library support for Altera and Xilinx
  • Powerful GUI for development and debugging
  • Multiple levels of optimization for performance tuning
  • Responsive tech support that delivered productivity enhancing tips/techniques
  • Reasonable cost for competitive performance
  • Ease of operation with third party/in-house queue manager


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