Q&A with Louie De Luna, Director of Marketing at ALDEC

Date: 2017/04/18Type: In the News

By Freya Smale


Leading EDA since 1984, Aldec offers RTL Design and Mixed-Language Simulation (VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog/UVM) with Python Support, FPGA-based Hardware-Assisted Verification, SoC and ASIC Prototyping, Porting Services of HFT Algorithms to Aldec FPGA boards, Emulation, Design Rule checking, Clock Domain Crossing, VIP Transactors, Requirements Lifecycle Management, Embedded Development Kits, and High-Performance Computing/Acceleration. 


Read the full Q&A with Louie De Luna , Director of Marketing at ALDEC , to learn more about the solutions and tools they offer to improve the efficiency of firms in the trading industry...


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