Putting the ‘A’ in EDA

Date: 2014/10/07Type: In the News

Putting the ‘A’ in EDA
Author : Richard Warrilow, Declaration Ltd
img_news_102914_580Renowned for its design creation, simulation and verification solutions, EDA company Aldec is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and its three-decade-long journey to date includes some highly capable responses to genuine industry needs. Moreover, with a claimed user community of more than 35,000 engineers, 50-plus global partners and an impressive product portfolio, Aldec, which remains privately-owned, is clearly doing something right.

Aldec’s founder is Dr. Stanley Hyduke (above) who, in the early 1980s designed his own logic simulator in order to verify the functionality of an ASIC he was developing for a telecommunications application. Impressed by the logic simulator, the foundry with which Dr. Hyduke was dealing at the time urged him to develop it into a commercial product.

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