Active-HDL License Error: Cannot read data from license server system


I received the following error during the installation process of Active-HDL 8.3 license!!!


(lmgrd) Shutting down ALDEC
(lmgrd) Can't connect to the license server system. Shutdown ALDEC failed.
(lmgrd) Cannot read data from license server system. 
(lmgrd) Can't shutdown the license server system. Shutdown ALDEC failed.


Based on the error message, it seems that there is a TCP or application restriction on the server. Please update your license server to version 11.8 (32 bit), ask Aldec support for it if you don’t have one.

If after the upgrade the issue remains, please try the following solutions in the order they are given:

  1. Open your license file and look for the lines similar to the following:

    SERVER BABYLON2055 0018de7887bc 2010
    VENDOR ALDEC aldec.exe port=2011

    2010 and 2011 are TCP ports. You can change the numbers to make sure you use free TCP ports on the server

  2. If you have an antivirus on the server machine, disable it to ensure "lmgrd.exe" and "aldec.exe" are allowed to be executed

  3. Check exceptions in Firewall

  4. Check application restrictions

  5. Stop "lmgrd.exe" and "aldec.exe" processes in Task Manager

  6. Start the DEP program from Control Panel | System | Advanced | Performance Settings | Data Execution Prevention

  7. Add an exception for "LMGRD.exe" and "Aldec.exe"

  8. Restart the service

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