FSM format change: Invalid file format. Cannot load file <filename>.asf


The Finite State Machine (FSM) Editor has been updated starting with Active-HDL 9.2SP1. FSM files that are created in Active-HDL 9.2SP1 will not be able to open in previous versions of Active-HDL. When a user tries to open files created in Active-HDL 9.2SP1 in a previous version, he or she will receive the above error:

Figure 1: Opening an FSM file in a previous version of Active-HDL

Export to Old FSM Formats

In order to open FSM files that are saved in Active-HDL 9.2SP1 in a previous version, users can export the FSM files:

  1. Go to File | Export | Old FSM Formats

  2. Select the desired previous version

    Figure 2: Exporting the FSM to an old format

  3. Type the name of the file and click Save

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