Why Does My License Expire?

Aldec's commercial, perpetual licenses need to be renewed on an annual basis. If you elect not to renew the software maintenance contract, you may request a five year renewable archived license.

Users renewing a maintenance contract are sent a license extension for the latest version of the software. The new license received upon renewal of maintenance will expire on the new maintenance contract expiration date.

New purchasers will see a short term expiration date. Aldec provides all licenses at the time of a new license purchase based on good faith. The short term license expires based on the agreed upon payment terms to Aldec. A new license will be issued once payment has been received in full and it will expire on the maintenance renewal date.

Term Based, University and Industry licenses expire based on the terms of your agreement with Aldec.

For any further questions, please refer to the software license agreement or contact your Aldec Representative for more information.

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