Unable to Install Active-HDL with no related activity showing in Task Manager


I downloaded the "ActiveHDL83_main_installation.exe". The file appears to be complete with 322,033 KB. When I click on the file, it checks the file integrity, and then extracts files such the "data1.cab1" file. After that point, the program quits executing and I do not see even a process in Task Manager. There are no error messages, or any indications of why there was a failure.


Please go to properties of the file and verify the size:

Size: 314MB (329,761,510 bytes)

If it's different, please re-download.

If the file is complete and setup is not starting please reboot you computer to Safe mode and then perform the installation. It is known that some applications hold setup from starting InstallShield type installations.

Printed version of site: www.aldec.com/en/support/resources/documentation/faq/1169