Text Find Stops Working


I tried to access Find from search menu of Active-HDL but it does not open. The text find utility is non-operational. Please help.


Please refer to the following steps to eliminate the issue:

  1. Close Active-HDL

  2. Go to <Active-HDL_installation_folder>/bin folder

  3. Double-click prefman.exe file. Preferences Manager will be launched

  4. Click Set Defaults, click Exit

  5. Run Active-HDL

  6. Try Find

This operation sets up Active-HDL settings to their initial (when you first installed the tool) values. You may use global settings for a file before you set them as Defaults, otherwise use default settings if you don't have some kind of custom global settings setup.

Printed version of site: www.aldec.com/en/support/resources/documentation/faq/1164