Subprograms in VHDL


I received the following error message when I was trying to compile a VHDL file. What I can do to fix it?

Error: COMP96_0321: C:/../<File_Name>.vhd : Subprogram specification of the body must conform to the subprogram specification of the declaration.


There are two solutions:

  1. Please use -relax switch to allow compile files which not follow strictly the LRM:

    acom -relax …


  2. Or you can correct the subbrogram declaration:

    • On package body exist:

    • function <Function_name> (in_value : in integer) return string

    • On package declaration:

    • function <Function_name> (in_value : integer) return string

    • Please update the package declaration for:

    • function <Function_name> (in_value : in integer) return string

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