Signal list disappeared after simulation initialization


When I re-initialize simulation, signals disappeared from my existing waveform window. How can I keep list of those signals?

Solution 1

The standard waveform and accelerated waveform have different architecture and hence different ways to operate.

If you are using the accelerated waveform:

  1. Select the Preserve signals when simulation is initialized checkbox on the Waveform Preferences/Behavior - advanced tab.

  2. To invoke the Waveform preferences dialog

    • Go to Tools | Preferences... dialog box,

    • Select Editors | Waveform Viewer/Editor | Accelerated Waveform Viewer category

    • Click the Options... button. When enabled, previously added signals are not removed from the Accelerated Waveform at the initialization of simulation.

Solution 2

  1. Once you have all the signals of interest on the waveform and with waveform open, goto Waveform > Save to macro

  2. A .do macro will be created with all the signals you dragged in the waveform

  3. Next time you initialize the sim > make sure to right click on the .do file in design browser > Execute and all signals will appear on your waveform

  4. 4. You can edit the .do macro if you want to add more signals/ remove existing signals.

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