Saving Waveform Specifications


Is there a way to save and recall zoom level, radix, and Hierarchy columns of a waveform?


Here Below are the steps:

For Radix: This info should be saved automatically. If for some reason it wasn’t, please open the .do file and add the radix manually:


add wave -noreg -binary -literal -unsigned {/counter}

For Zoom: In order to set the zoom please add the following command to the .do file:


waverestorezoom <start_time> <end_time>

where <start time> is the beginning of the zoom range and <end time> is the end of the zoom range.

For Hierarchy column:

Unfortunately you can’t do it through .do script, but if you want this column to be visible each time you reload the waveform, do the following:

  1. Open/load the waveform

  2. Click Waveform Preferences button on the toolbar (forth icon from the left, right above the waveform, looks like a hand holding a piece of paper)

  3. Click on the Columns tab

  4. Check the checkbox next to the Hierarchy. Click Apply, click Ok.

Next time you load the waveform the Hierarchy column will be there.

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