Is there any way to disable updating console.log file during simulation with a macro command?


Go to Tools | Preferences | Console and define which messages should not be reported to the console.

Log files (*.log) store messages displayed in the tab(s) of the Console window, so you can trace all operations performed in the Active-HDL environment.

Each tab of the window can be logged in the same or separate files. The log files reside in the \Log of every Active-HDL design (console.log and optional errors.log, warnings.log, and find.log if respective tabs are enabled).

You can open the file directly in the HDL Editor window by executing the Open log file command of the pop-up menu or from the Logs resource folder of the Resources tab. In the Preferences dialog box, you can enable additional tabs (by default, only the Console tab is available) and select categories of messages to be logged.

By default, the contents of each tab is saved whenever the 16kB memory buffer is overflowed. If you need to save the current content of any tab, use the flushlogs command. The command is executed automatically when you choose to open the log file in the HDL Editor window.

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