How to properly install Active-HDL 8.3 license with usb dongle when I get USB dongle error?


I received an Active-HDL 8.3 license with USB dongle. I cannot install the license properly. There are error messages in log file. How am I supposed to fix that?


The error in the log file probably means that your USB dongle can’t be detected. Please try the following:

  1. Verify driver installation. Invoke the lmtools.exe. This utility is located in the \BIN sub folder of Active-HDL installation folder. Under the System Settings tab, the FLEXID field should display the FLEXid of the dongle.

  2. If the FLEXid of the dongle is not displayed, you need to install the driver. Driver files can be obtained from Aladdin's website at: Plug in the dongle, install the driver, start license server. Start Active-HDL.

  3. If the FLEXid of the dongle is displayed, exit Active-HDL, stop the license server, unplug the dongle from your machine and plug it into anther USB socket. Re-start license server. Re-start Active-HDL.

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