How to open VSIMSA in Active-HDL or Riviera-Pro if you have installed both tools?


If you have installed both Riviera-PRO and Active-HDL on the same PC, when you type vsimsa from the command prompt, which tool will actually be launched will be based on the Path variable. How can I easily choose which one to run?


There are two solutions:

You can type the full path to vsimsa from Active-HDL or Riviera-Pro installation in the Windows command line (CMD window or CYGWIN):

C:\> C:\Aldec\Active-HDL 8.3\BIN\vsimsa.bat

Alternatively, you can define which product's VSIMSA you want to run by setting Windows' PATH variable. You may search the Internet for the instructions on how to set the Window's system variables such as Path. Note that it will be specific to the version of Windows you have.

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