Convert Waveform from Standard Waveform Format to Accelerated Waveform Format


I am moving from standard waveform to accelerated waveform viewer. Do you have a way to convert a previously saved standard waveform to an accelerated waveform?


To convert AWF (Standard Waveform) file to ASDB/AWC (Accelerated Waveform) please following steps :

  • For GUI :

    Right click on the simple waveform file (AWF) in the design browser and click convert to Accelerated waveform (asdb), one more waveform will pop-up and that will be accelerated waveform, save it by appropriate name.

  • For Console : use awf2asdb

    awf2asdb <awf_file_name> <asdb_file_name> 

    Specify the name and the path to source and target file respectively.

If you want to switch between waveform viewers (i.e. standard and accelerated) you can go to tools | preference scroll down to waveform viewer/editor and select the appropriate viewer. The default will be accelerated waveform viewer. If you want to only import the list of signals to a macro, please use the following:

format wave <name>.awf
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