Concurrent Simulation on a Multi-Core CPU Machine with Active-HDL


Can I run simulation for the same design on a single multi-core machine?


In general yes, you can execute multiple simulations at the same time. We recommend that you run each simulation in a different folder. Hence the created files like report files or asdb waveform will not collide.

Licensing: Floating license allows running as many simulations as the number of available seats.

Starting with Active-HDL 8.3SP1 with the node-locked license you will be able to run only one simulation at a time.

You can also use Server Farm Manager that allows creating a queue of simulations and you can define how many simulations can be run simultaneously.

Note: Starting with Active-HDL 8.3 writing waveform uses multi-core processing, running multiple simulations simultaneously with waveform on the same machine could affect the overall performance.

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