Working with ASDB and AWC files in Active-HDL


Active-HDL stores simulation data into a simulation database (ASDB) file. This file contains the history of values of specific signals and hierarchies of the design that were traced during simulation. The default output file is defined by the $waveformoutput variable. In order to view the contents of the simulation database, a waveform configuration (AWC) file is connected to an ASDB file. The AWC file contains information regarding the list of objects that are displayed, the color, radix, order in which they are displayed and many other properties. You can associate many different AWC files with a single ASDB file. Similarly, you can also associate a single AWC file with many different ASDB files as long as the objects in the AWC file are tracked in the ASDB files and follow the same hierarchy.

Figure 1. ASDB and AWC file associations

The use of the simulation databases and the Accelerated Waveform Viewer introduces a number of benefits and improvements. One of the major enhancements implemented into the simulator and the Accelerated Waveform Viewer over the Standard Waveform Viewer/Editor is its performance. Additionally, when this waveform is selected as the default viewer, the stimulators can be specified not only in the form of a testbench or applied by using the force macro command but they can also be applied directly in the Stimulators dialog box.

Generating Simulation Database (ASDB) file

Note: Ensure that all of the signals of interest is logged prior to running the simulation. If the signals are not logged in the ASDB file, the waveform viewer will show no data once the AWC file is connected to it.

Generating Waveform Configuration (AWC) file

Connecting an AWC file into a different ASDB file

  1. Open up the AWC file

  2. Right click on any signal in the waveform viewer

  3. Select Connect To|Simulation Database

  4. Locate ASDB file, then click open.

Note: If there are mismatched signals between the AWC and the ASDB file, you may see the error below. To fix this, ensure that the hierarchy between the AWC file and the ASDB file are matching.

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