Disabling Elaboration on Design Loading in Active-HDL


By default, when you open an existing design in Active-HDL, the initial elaboration of the design hierarchy will be performed. In many cases this could be desirable as the tool will report about the unbound components right away. However, in some situations you might want to disable the elaboration process to speed up the design loading process or just because you may want to bind your components only during the simulation initialization.


To disable the initial elaboration process during loading the design in Active-HDL, you need simply to run the designtopremove on command.

You may put it to the system startup.do macro file so that the command is executed every time your open Active-HDL. Please follow instructions below:

  1. Open startup.do in the Script folder under Active-HDL installation.

  2. Add the following line of command at the end of the script file

    designtopremove on

  3. Save and close the script file

    Now Active-HDL will not perform elaboration while loading a new design.

    If you want to set the initial elaboration on design opening back on, you can run the designtopremove off command in the console or simply remove designtopremove on from the startup.do macro.

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