Regression Manager

As simulation compute farms grow, verification managers are confronted with the task of managing all the tasks across different operating systems, EDA vendor licenses and running different test harnesses across a resource limited simulation farms. Aldec has developed a Server Farm Manager (SFM) that shifts the regression paradigm and provides not only simulation technology but also the tool for automatic management of thousands of parallel simulations.

SFM not only queues and distributes execution but also collects simulation results, visualizes and archives them for all simulations that are spawned. SFM can distribute hundreds of thousands of independent test cases across the network, and executes them in parallel. The verification run times can be reduced dramatically both through parallel execution and optimum resource utilization. The solution is fully scalable from a few to several thousand machines.

As the requirements for simulation throughput increase towards tape-out deadline, simulation seats can be easily increased. SFM manages design verification server farms deploying industry-standard HDL simulators, including Aldec's industry proven HDL simulation, verification and debugging solution Riviera-PRO.

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